Monday, 30 May 2016

The Summer Book Club

For most literature students, books have become deeply rooted in our everyday thoughts and habits. Whether it’s mulling over a sentence on your way to work, reeling from a character death, or desperately trying to keep your eyes open at 3AM to finish a chapter, books are there. Perhaps unknowingly, we orientate our lives around them. Whether it’s for our course or just from the unbridled pleasure we get from reading, a book is never far from the hand of a literature student.

In this vein, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a special summer series of blog posts – comprising of book reviews written by literature students. We thought this would be a good way to generate discussion and keep students actively engaged in their reading material over the summer… Not to mention finding great reads for each another!

Each review should be 200+ words – email your review to me ( and I’ll get it uploaded to the blog as soon as possible.

P.S. – for each review, book and/or Amazon tokens are up for grabs!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Some news from Creative Writing

Hi everyone, I'm just spreading some news from Angela France:

1.       The public artwork project for the minster alleyways, for which I ran a ‘walking workshop’ to create a collaborative poem. The artist’s blog is here (and I have attached the workshop photo separately):
Here is the photo:

2.       Cheltenham’s new Mayor will be inaugurated on May 18th at the ‘Mayor Making’ ceremony; as Poet in Residence, I have been asked to read a poem with local resonance as part of the ceremony.
All the best!